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  1. Sencha Architect 3.x
  2. Will there be Intellisense?
  3. REST Proxy
  4. Using variables in url's of stores
  5. Drag and Drop Your Mobile App Script
  6. Publish to TestFlight
  7. Device Profiles
  8. Config Class
  9. Scripts and xds files for Architect Demos at SenchCon
  10. Custom Themes: Button rendering in IE7-IE10?
  11. SASS in new SA3
  12. I regularily get a 'Script Error'
  13. Sencha Architect 3
  14. Filter in Properties Inspector disappears
  15. What new in architect?
  16. Package with Cordova
  17. Dragging a theme to the design window results in undersized floating dialog window
  18. How do I log Architect in so that accessing my application stores will succeed
  19. Unable to Theme in Architect 3
  20. Relative urls show an error in a proxy
  21. After 7 days of use, my observations....
  22. What is the difference between a Basic Event Binding and a Delegate Event Binding
  23. Why can't we duplicate references?
  24. Is it possible to add a custom template in SA3?
  25. add custom function or custom var in initcomponent in view module in Architect
  26. Custom component - file type
  27. Cannot save project
  28. Finding those pesky little bugs (ex Flex Developer)
  29. License and Logger woes
  30. Profiles
  31. SA3 Anomaly
  32. Upgrade?
  33. No Grid in Toolbox using Touch 2.3 beta Framework
  34. CMD 4.0.0
  35. Please report error
  36. Exit dialog sucks.
  37. Recommendation for good MVC in Sencha Architect guide/tutorial/ebook?
  38. Will Sencha Architect 3.x provides auto complete or code formatting?
  39. Change Project inspector to a TAB Panel
  40. no sencha cmd path option in the application tab of settings
  41. Architect 3, PI - The Case of the Disappearing Filter Text Area
  42. MYJson Reader error in sencha architect
  43. Object converted to a string
  44. Ext 4.2 Template 'GridChart' does not display anything in the design view
  45. Is there an ETA when this will be released?
  46. Task List template project references wrong files Record & RecordForm
  47. In Architect, how to add Ext.create like this? If you know, please tell me, thanks:)
  48. How to import user extension?
  49. Tabs on the right hand side
  50. What can make code editor slow?
  51. Mixins in Application
  52. Option to uninstall extension
  53. Correct value for config type
  54. framework error: Cannot call method 'on' of undefined
  55. Who can tell me how to do this: add customized property in "config{}" , thanks:)
  56. Code editor feature request - tabs to spaces
  57. Compiling an Architect app to exclude things I don't use
  58. Get changed records only by database
  59. how to zoom in or change font?
  60. Button Skin
  61. teamViewer and sencha architect conflict
  62. Ext.ComponentMgr
  63. My wishlist for Architect 3.x
  64. Removing CSS classes from my component
  65. Import existing project
  66. How to Implement grouptab using Architect?
  67. APP for Website.
  68. Suggestion - let the user add code to initComponent
  69. "Install Sencha Architect 3 and Sencha Cmd 4 on your test system." Where is Cmd 4?
  70. theming individual classes?
  71. Problem updating user extensions
  72. User extension definition config type boolean
  73. How to handle itemtap of Dataview from Architect
  74. Who can tell me how to do this: multi module structure of MVC
  75. Any possibility of native FTP or WebDAV support for SA3?
  76. Save to Toolbox... problem
  77. Templates - unexpected behavior when switching categories and using the create button
  78. Relationship between Save to Toolbox and Install User Extension
  79. read only files
  80. Modify Pullrefresh Plugin
  81. Official aux files for ux distributed with Ext JS?
  82. Newbie: How to drag and drop buttons to a specific area on the design window
  83. Is the Architect 3 Webinar on September 19 being recorded?
  84. installing V3 wipes out V2
  85. Architect v3 Layout Suggestions - Comments from others requested
  86. External Javascript Resource overwrites file
  87. Updating already imported components.
  88. Touch Grid is not working at run-time
  89. problem with theming in architect 3
  90. Undo / Redo for Globals in custom theme
  91. sencha 2.3 beta - Touch Grid is not working at run-time using sencha Architect v3.0
  92. Update Pushing 2.2.2 To Architect 3.0
  93. Code completion?
  94. Are you comfortable enough for use to use this for production coding?
  95. Defect: Resizing right column
  96. Where has the "Publish" button been moved to?
  97. after installing latest beta, can not build app, says cmd is old version
  98. Changing a Controller fn Designation
  99. Why TreeModel does not show as a component?
  100. Where can I download Architect 3?
  101. Slide menu project in architect 3, very simple
  102. Feature Request
  103. Sencha Cmd Packages with Architect (especially aria)
  104. Multiple pages using menu button to switch views
  105. How to re-generate/refresh generated code
  106. Any chance we will be able to control the fonts / colors in SA3?
  107. Q and A from the recent Architect Webinar
  108. [REQ] Code validation disable/improvement
  109. Adding Default Based Theme problem
  110. Sencha Cmd Window Staying Open (Workspace error)
  111. [1130] Feature Request : Configure where SA puts extjs file
  112. [1221] How do I get the toolbar buttons back?
  113. [Any] How do I comment my code (outside functions) in SA?
  114. Error loading exiting Architect 3 Preview project
  115. [All] Replace alert dialogs with toasts
  116. [1221] SA saves all project files, not just open files
  117. [1221] In SA project, Sencha Cmd Does Not Copy Docs To Project
  118. SA3 Forums - Can we get "Discussion" and "Plugins" also
  119. Potential ER : SA App Hooks - Save/Open/Close/etc
  120. The application was last modified by an older version of Sencha Cmd...
  121. Will it be possible to write extensions/plugins for SA itself?
  122. [1221] ExtJS 4.2.2 ExtJS Lib Update? (currently using
  123. Format of and alternatives to Direct Resource
  124. Radio buttons + group ?
  125. How to build a custom proxy?
  126. adding a new event to a view or observable
  127. edit grid column title
  128. Is the upgrading from SA2 to SA3 free?
  129. SA3 activation.
  130. sencha architect 3 release date
  131. Ext.draw : Converting Touch Particles Example to run Architect 3 Touch
  132. Error displaying app
  133. [1221] Another corrupted Project... Logs?
  134. Grid auto refresh, only if tab is active
  135. Architect 3 Beta Build 1261
  136. [1261] ER : Add quick add context menu to MVCS main Items
  137. [1261] ER : Combine the Build window with project/application settings window as a ta
  138. [1261] ER : Rename Settings Tab - 'Application' to 'Architect'
  139. Architect 3 Updated - Where is build iOS app?
  140. Code Editor - Text Highlight Color
  141. Loving Asset Storage
  142. When will NEXT build of SA 3 be released
  143. Import Custom Component
  144. How to patch the viewport
  145. Just wanna say I am pretty happy with the direction SA 3 is going
  146. Who can tell me the details when scss dynamic compile in the Arhcitect 3.0? Important
  147. Ext.Logger
  148. Setup Touch Grid
  149. Select another SDK
  150. Cupertino iOS 7 theme not working on native
  151. Hyperlink
  152. Anyone used/compared Dreamweaver & Architect?
  153. Using Architect How can you pass a value to a data store for searching from a field
  154. Use of User Extensions for Custom Grid Filter
  155. Multiple pages & Architect
  156. Beta Build 1278 Available
  157. PongCon/PongDash/Senchapingpongstore = MAJOR facepalm
  158. Web App Build
  159. how do you add a document event listener
  160. Touch Grid defaultType
  161. suggestion: a cool feature about formpanel
  162. App Runs in iOS Simular, Appears to Install on actual iPhone but Icon is 'Greyed out'
  163. Extend a model in SA3?
  164. Beta Build 1312 Is available
  165. Can we get a 'open terminal/command' button
  166. How do I Downgrade?
  167. deferredRender: false, IE issue
  168. Upgrade to Sencha Touch Bundle?
  169. With Halloween in 24 hours, wouldn't it be nice if SA3 was our TREAT
  170. Add .MIME Type for .json to IIS
  171. OS X: SA3 Requires High Perf GPU?
  172. Ext.Loader undefined
  173. Is there the new "Ext.Menu" component in SA3 RC1?
  174. Sencha Touch Grid
  175. Is it possible to remove (or edit) the list of Recent Projects?
  176. How do you bring in ext after upgrading from 2 to 3
  177. Questions - 'Best Practices', et al
  178. Well, just installed the new RC1 and my icomoon icons are no longer showing :/
  179. How to update a databse
  180. SA3 resources and themes
  181. While trying the new theme options, anomaly? [link to senchacon video..]
  182. Build Android app failed on WinXP
  183. Custom Cupertino theme missing config...
  184. How to set the startup screen Android apps
  185. Json store doen´t work after move to apache web server
  186. Manual Update to build 1318
  187. Displaying an image in a Touch Grid Cell
  188. [3.0 All] Trial expiry has not reset
  189. TinyMCE for architect?
  190. SA3, custom theme, custom icons
  192. Install Suggestions / comments for RC1
  193. Save Button does not work as expected in SA3RC1
  194. Multiple Developers inside Architect 3
  195. Error while updating RC1
  196. Title in tabpanel bar
  197. build failed with java.nio.BufferOverflowException
  198. Multiple lines in grid column
  199. Totally Confused
  200. Where has the "Publish" feature gone to?
  201. Any Idea when SA3 will support Ext.Direct?
  202. Problem with TouchGrid after upgrading to Architect 3.0 RC build 1330 from build 1318
  203. suggestion: show code for initial view in launch dialog
  204. how to get custom includes to stick in index.html
  205. Big Files Created in root of project
  206. Just: Nice Job on SA3!
  207. What is the purpose of the bootstrap.css file?
  208. Suggest a slight change to "add control action" function
  209. I see these warnings in the Output. Should I be concerned?
  210. App runs fine locally, runs fine remotely but displays error in console
  211. Questions re: Theme in SA3
  212. How do you change to a custom theme?
  213. How do you extend custom classes?
  214. Video tutorial about Sencha Architect 3 - feature request
  215. [Build 1330] No more F5
  216. Top blue bar reappeared :(
  217. SA3 Activation
  218. SA version and themes
  219. cannot copy errors in log area to clipboard!
  220. errors in upgraded project
  221. what is the diff. between Build Web App and app Refresh?
  222. Can Architect import my Sencha Touch codebase?
  223. Architect 3 - 30 Day Trial - Error
  224. Code editor: Tab character insertion question
  225. Sencha 2 -> Sencha 3
  226. General chart help please
  227. Sencha Architect startup problem
  228. Code Completion - where is it?
  229. Weird Chart result from JSON data
  230. Linux Version Vs Mac/Windows Version
  231. Architect 3 - Requires
  232. simple project not working using basic template
  233. Cmd failed to initialize
  234. Ruby Version
  235. Files published even if build failed
  236. How do you add Dynamic columns to a Store in an architect project?
  237. How should I add things to requires
  238. For the next iteration
  239. Auto Getters and Setters undefined when accessing class instance for Ext.Base
  240. SA3 and Profile Device
  241. How to include a 3rd party control without using iFrame?
  242. Upgrade framework from ExtJs 4.1.x to 4.2.x
  243. Build iOS Certificate Alias
  244. code editor - tab behavior
  245. Selecting a View Function
  246. problem building ios
  247. Best place to put app.locale when building from SA 3.0?
  248. Android build
  249. How to use codecompletion for the object | class derived from Ext.Base | Ext.Class
  250. How to add profiles?